Sorry, I am fully booked: here’s why.


Inclusive Driving is run by just one instructor: me. And I’m very sorry to direct you to this standard reply. But I receive up to ten enquiries per day and I simply cannot reply to everybody.

Can I book driving lessons with you?

I am currently fully booked for the foreseeable future. When I say “foreseeable future”, I really mean that; I simply do not know when I will next have a vacancy. When I take on a new learner, there is no way of knowing whether they will pass in a few months, or whether they will take over a year. This means that I cannot predict how long it will be before I will next have a vacancy to take a new student from the waiting list.

So you have a waiting list? Can I go on it?

Yes, I do have a waiting list. But it has become so long that I am not currently adding to it. If I added more people to it, I would be giving false hope. If I added you to the waiting list now, I’m afraid there would be no realistic prospect of you ever reaching the top.

I am working through the current waiting list person by person, and I am not adding new people to the list. Once the list is clear, I will no longer operate a waiting list system.

If there is no waiting list, how do I have lessons with you.

I’m afraid it will be luck of the draw. When the waiting list is clear, I will simply take on the next suitable enquiry who makes contact. To make things more manageable, I will only take on learners who have already passed their theory test.

I allocate approximately half of my available hours to teaching learners with various physical and learning disabilities. The remaining time is spent with full-licence holders needing rehabilitation lessons, and trainee driving instructors.

Disability Driving Instructors is a voluntary register of specialist driving instructors.

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