N is for News (2nd July 2020)


Driving Instructors are receiving a trickle of information each day, mostly concerning when testing will start, how we need to stay safe during lessons, and how tests will be conducted. This is the main focus of this week’s newsletter, as it contains some very important (and controversial) points. We also have news on our latest environmental statement.

Theory tests are opening
  • Theory test centres reopen on 4th July
  • To prevent delays, get your theory test booked as soon as you feel ready (nag nag!)
On the day of your driving test
  • Face-coverings (of a type suitable for public transport) will be compulsory for driving tests (I am also making them compulsory for lessons)
  • Controversial: for a driving test to go ahead, you will need to confirm that you are participating in the NHS Test-and-Trace scheme. However, as far as I know, there is no way for an examiner to confirm your status, other than asking you. I am sorry if you feel strongly about this; please note that participation in the tracing scheme is not compulsory for lessons.
  • Although many of you have planned for your instructor to sit in the back of the car during your test, this is not currently being allowed (I suspect that an exemption might be made if your instructor is also your BSL interpreter). Please bear this in mind and let me know if you would prefer to defer your test until instructors are allowed to accompany again. I do not know when the policy will change.
  • Waiting rooms and toilets at test centres will be closed: please plan accordingly.
  • During the test, if you make a fault that would cause you to fail (ie a serious fault), you will not complete the remainder of the test route. You will be directed back to the test centre, and the test will be ended early.
We are still the only Carbon-Zero driving school in the West Midlands
  • We were the first driving school in Central England to be carbon-zero/climate-positive, and we are pleased that other schools are following our lead.
  • We are offering free advice to other driving schools that want to go carbon-zero.
  • Our 2020 environmental statement is now online.
  • From July 2021 we will no longer be offering manual gears: we will be switching to automatic only.

Have a great weekend and we will see you on a driving lesson very soon!

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