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This week we have news on theory tests, and we’ve been busy recording more video footage for our series of Virtual Lessons. There’s also advice on keeping safe when travelling during Covid-19.

With the lower numbers of cars on the road, there has been a noticeable improvement in air quality, and there is some hope for the electric future with news of a nationwide grant towards greener travel.

I hope you’ve had a good week.

Theory test booking is open

The official website for booking a theory test is now open and you can book a theory test from 1st June 2020. If you were contemplating booking it, or you had your theory test cancelled, now is the time to rebook it.

If you need access to Driving Test Success to restart your practice or refresh your knowledge, please get in touch.

New virtual lesson available

Traffic lights and trucks: a new entry in our Virtual Lessons series. Filmed around the Wolverhampton test area, this lesson focuses on traffic lights (especially right turns and filter arrows) and also looks at planning to overtake, and fuel-efficient driving. From £1.99 for a 50-minute video lesson. It’s available to stream straight away once you’ve completed the checkout, and you can watch it as many times as you like.

Virtual lessons are an excellent way to learn during the lockdown. If you find videos a good way to learn, then this is for you. To learn more about Virtual Lessons, click here.

In other news

£2 billion grant announced to improve green travel
row of cars being charged

The changes should make it easier for drivers to pay for charging while making pricing clearer and giving drivers more information about where they can find charging points on any journey.

Safety tips for essential travel

Most authorities are encouraging people to walk, cycle or drive if they have to travel. Public transport is still available but is operating on a limited service. You should only use it as a last resort.

Disability Driving Instructors is a voluntary register of specialist driving instructors.

Learn theory the visual way: great for learners with dyslexia

L-plate with coloured spots for Children in Need

Big Learner Relay for Children in Need

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