Colourful Theory


You may have read Kieran’s Story on his studies towards passing his theory test. In his article, he mentions using the Theory Test Colouring Book: an excellent resource if you struggle with traditional methods such as books and websites.

The theory test colouring book is similar in style to the anatomy and physiology colouring books used by university students such as doctors and dentists

Learners have found it useful for varying reasons:

  • Being black and white from the outset, it’s not “in your face”. As you colour the pages yourself, you can choose colours that suit you, or choose not to colour it at all.
  • Having words on one side and pictures on the other, helps learners who need a tidy, organised format.
  • If a keyword on a practice theory test is confusing, the index usually leads to a picture explanation of the topic
  • Colouring is fun and relaxing; possibly the best state of mind to have when studying!

If you want to buy your own copy, it retails for £14 and can be bought directly from the publisher: click the image below.


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