K is for Kieran


I suffer with ADHD and autism. This affects my concentration and actions.  I have problems remembering things too, even the simplest of things can seem much harder for me.  My anxiety makes it hard for me to communicate what I am feeling, and what I am trying to say.

Kieran used the
Theory Test Colouring Book
to help his studies

When I wanted to learn to drive, I was worried I would have problems with remembering basic skills, especially the Highway Code and that people would not be able to understand my needs.

I found Richard’s website online stating he taught people like me and other special needs etc. We decided to give driving a go, thinking if it was too hard then I could just stop the lessons.

Richard came to visit me at home and talk to my mum and dad about my needs etc so that he could understand my issues and how they affect me on a day to day basis.

Richard was very kind and understanding and I felt at ease with him straight away and this made me more relaxed during my lessons.

Richard was understanding, he would explain things in a way I could understand if I did something wrong whilst driving. I had two hours of lessons every week and we went through all the topics required and if I needed longer to understand it properly then Richard would calmly go over it again with me until I felt confident.

I was concerned about learning the Highway Code and being able to complete my Theory Test as I have problems remembering things. Richard showed me an online site where I can answer questions like those on the actual test. When I started doing this, I was getting low scores and I was worried that I could not do this. I bought the Theory Test Colouring Book and studied that alongside the online site that Richard recommended.

I kept studying the website every day and I started getting better and my scores were getting slowly higher each time I did the test questions. I struggled at first with the hazard perception tests but after using the guides every single day, my results for these tests got better and better.

When Richard said it was time to book in for my Theory Test, I started to become nervous, as I do struggle with reading and writing and the understanding of things. My mum contacted the Test centre and they were so helpful and kind. They understood everything perfectly and they offered my mum some ways that would help me out.

They offered a reader who would read the questions and answers out to you. They offered a private room so that you don’t get put off by other people in the same room doing their tests too. They also offered extra time so that you didn’t have to panic trying to complete everything. Also, they would offer someone who would explain the question to you if you didn’t understand the question itself. Sometimes I am not sure what a word means. They would say the sentence so that you would understand the question, without telling you the answers.

Due to my own personal problems, I accepted the reader, the private room and the extra time. If I didn’t pass the first time, then I was going to ask for the extra help from the person who would explain the questions to me.

My mum booked in my test date and the lady explained everything to her, what I needed to bring etc.

When I arrived at the centre, I was met at the Reception by a man who was very nice to me and kind. He made me feel relaxed as he was funny and softly spoken.  He took my details and explained what I needed to do with my coat etc. I emptied all my pockets and they checked I had no phones, mics etc on me. The man was friendly and made me feel less panicky. I waited in the waiting room and then I was called into a room where another staff member rechecked my pockets and up my sleeves again.

The man who met me on Reception called me into another room which had one computer set up. He opened the programme and told me what to do i.e. using the mouse to choose my answers. He then started to read the questions out, and I clicked on the ones I thought were correct.  After completing this part of the test, he then opened the hazard perception test and after telling me what to do he left me on my own to complete the test.

When I had completed that I was met by the same man again who handed me my test results.  I was so happy that I had passed the first time.

The extra time, reader and private room really helped me to do my tests more confidently. I had plenty of time to think about the answers without worrying that I was taking too slow to have the questions read to me and then for me to think about the answers.

I highly recommend Richard, he will teach you all that you need to know to pass your driving test. He remained calm and supportive with me. I was nervous to start to learn to drive, but he was completely patient with me throughout and made it all an enjoyable experience.

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