C is for Carbon Neutral


Inclusive Driving is the only Carbon Neutral driving school in the West Midlands (1). And if others follow suit (we hope they do) then we will still have been the first, and will be proud to have started it!

Based on our fuel use in the car, and our fuel use in the office over the financial year 2018-2019, we have calculated our carbon footprint and offset it with an accredited scheme. We will do the same every year.

With both local and global offsetting projects, we not only achieved carbon-neutral status: we achieved climate-positive status, meaning that we offset more than we produced.

We have also produced our Environmental Statement, showing our commitment to teaching eco-safe driving, and reducing our environmental impact.

Inclusive Driving Environmental Statement

By the very nature of driving instruction, it is impractical to reduce car use. We minimise our environmental impact in the following ways:

  • Longer lessons reduce the number of miles travelled between customers. We encourage customers to choose two-hour lessons and offer a 22% discount on the hourly rate for lessons of two hours duration or more.
  • Customers who live more than 7.5 miles from our base are encouraged to use public transport to a local train station or tram stop, and we offer a financial incentive for this.
  • We use B7 diesel/biodiesel blend, containing 7% biodiesel from renewable sources.
  • We teach in a car with a Euro 6 emissions rating: currently the most stringent standard.
  • We choose not to use a roof sign, reducing drag and reducing fuel use.
  • We offset all of the carbon dioxide produced from diesel during lessons and during personal journeys through certified carbon schemes both locally and globally.
  • We exceed net zero emissions by offsetting a further 25% over our actual emissions.
  • We include “eco-safe” driving in our syllabus to reduce our own fuel use and pass on the skills for learners to continue eco-safe driving after they pass their test.
  • We include essential car maintenance in our syllabus to ensure learners continue to run their own vehicles with minimum environmental impact.
  • Our office utilities suppliers produce electricity from renewable sources.

Proud to be a carbon-neutral driving school

Note to learners: prepare to he nagged even more about going easy on the gas and changing gears early!
1. Correct as of August 2019, based on search engine results. Email for verification

Disability Driving Instructors is a voluntary register of specialist driving instructors.

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