Specialist Driving Instructor

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The Midlands only carbon-zero driving school.

An Approved Driving Instructor, operating in Wolverhampton and the Black Country. As a qualified nurse with extensive experience in special educational needs, dyslexia, and anxiety, I have rapidly gained a reputation as the go-to instructor in the Wolverhampton and West Midlands region.

I am also capable in British Sign Language (Signature L1) and can assist members of the deaf community to become drivers.

Prices (From 1st January 2020)

Pay as you go

Zone 1

Mon-Fri day: 2 hours £55
Mon-Fri eve: 1 ½ hour £50
Sunday: 2 hours £60

Zone 2
Mon-Fri daytime: 2 hours £65
Sunday: 2 hours £70

Pay in advance

Zone 1

Mon-Fri day: 5 x 2 hours £265
Mon-Fri eve: 5 x 1 ½ hr £240
Sunday: 5 x 2 hr £290

Zone 2
Mon-Fri day: 5 x 2 hours £315
Sunday: 5 x 2hr £340

  • Zone 1 up to 5 miles from WV1
  • Zone 2 over 5 miles up to 7.5 miles from WV1
  • Travel to zone 1 by public transport and receive a discount on the zone 2 lesson price.

For other areas please email for prices


Environmental policy update


In accordance with our Environmental Policy, we have previously offered a significant financial incentive to customers who chose two-hour lessons instead of a one-hour lesson. This had the desired effect of discouraging one-hour lessons and reducing unnecessary mileage between customers and also allowed us to offset the additional mileage in accredited carbon-reduction schemes.

This policy has been so successful that we have decided to stop offering one-hour lessons to new customers. We will continue to offer a financial incentive to customers who use public transport to attend lessons locally, rather than the instructor driving longer distances to the customer’s home, thus further reducing unnecessary car-mileage and the resulting carbon emissions.