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Richard, an Approved Driving Instructor is also a qualified nurse with over 20 years of experience working with special needs, and young adults with learning disabilities.

If you have a desire to learn to drive but are finding your learning disability, anxiety, or hearing impairment holds you back then join Inclusive Driving:

The specialist in autism, anxiety, learning disability, dyspraxia, and deafness.

You can also have your driving lessons in British Sign Language (Signature L1) and we assist members of the deaf community to become drivers.

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“Thanks for the lesson today, it helped me so much with all of the clear methods and explanations.”


Zone 1
Daytime: 2 hours £65
Evening: 2 hours £70 (lessons commencing after 5.30 pm)
Zone 2
Daytime: 2 hours £70
Evening: 2 hours £75 (lessons commencing after 5.30 pm)

Travel to zone 1 by public transport and receive a discount on the zone 2 lesson price.

For other areas please email for prices

I was nervous to start to learn to drive, but he was completely patient with me throughout and made it all an enjoyable experience.

Our claim to be the only carbon-zero/climate-positive driving school was fact-checked on June 27th, 2020, substantiated by a Google search of Midlands Driving Schools including the terms “carbon zero” and “carbon neutral” and “climate positive. Email for full details.

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